How we are revamping the “Hogger” series…

Our customers always want new options that will set them apart from the competition.

The BBQ sector of concessions is no different and we know that. We want to provide a superior product with top-of-the-line design,┬áso our customers can surpass the competition through innovation; just as we have surpassed ours. All of this is why we are introducing – in the up and coming weeks – the new Hogger! With this are changes a’plenty.

  • The new logo
    Not only have we redesigned the logo, we are including it on the front of the trailer to show your customers you mean business! (if trailer is purchased without removing any options from the Hogger package)
  • New standards
    Aluminum wheels, radial tires, A/C & Heat, Gas smoker, & a porch with fold out windows! (and much more)
  • The lowest price
    You’ll just have to wait and see.
hogger logo

New redesigned logo

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